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About Us

Who we are

Onelock was established to meet the demand for specialist forensic locksmith services and vehicle forensics in Queensland and throughout Australia, focusing on industry leading forensic locksmith examination & reporting.

Onelock principal & founder, Kent Lineham, has 41 years of experience in the locksmith industry in both New Zealand and Australia – with an extensive background in general lock work, master key systems, automotive lock work and safe & vault servicing. This experience formed the knowledge base from which Kent was able to specialise in the more highly technical areas of the locksmith industry.

Since 1999, Kent has been forensically examining locks from commercial & domestic buildings, safes ATM’s and motor vehicles for Police Services throughout Australia, for the major Insurance Companies and Law Firms:

Kent has appeared as an expert witness in court on numerous occasions and is a Commonwealth Government tested and approved locksmith. Kent has been a guest speaker at training seminars and annual workshops on forensic lock work for the Queensland Police Service, Queensland Fire Service, and insurance companies. Kent was a guest speaker at the Queensland Police Service (Vehicle Crime Conference), and at the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (2009 and 2017 Fire Investigation Seminar).

What we do

Kent Lineham began providing forensic locksmith investigation services in 1999, with the subsequent establishment of Onelock in 2010. During this time there have been many advancements in vehicle security and key technology.

A forensic locksmith motor vehicle investigation typically involves a forensic examination of mechanical lock components as well as a digital examination of the immobiliser and keys to identify any existing evidence of genuine theft. Forensic locksmiths are often faced with the challenge of vehicle investigations with the increase of smart key technology and now, digital vehicle access systems that transform your smartphone into the ‘perfect’ car key.


With a Certification in iVe Vehicle Forensics with the US based Berla Corporation, Onelock now also offers INFOTAINMENT FORENSICS AND TELEMATICS SYSTEMS INVESTIGATIONS to combat those challenges and to provide an even more comprehensive motor vehicle forensic analysis for investigators.

iVe Vehicle Forensics enables Onelock to identify, acquire, and analyse critical information stored within a vehicle’s Infotainment or Telematics system to determine who, when, where and how.

ONELOCK is closing the gap!

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